True Flex Neo Pads (Brown)

Final Touch Precision Gear

Crafted for those final stages of work, this gear isn’t just about protection—it’s about precision. Equipped with a synthetic leather front wear pad, it’s built to withstand abrasion, ensuring that both the worker and the work surface remain unscathed.

Maximum Defense

Our professional-grade knee pads offer the ultimate protection for your knees. With a core of 3/4” closed-cell foam and additional Neoprene layers, they offer an unrivaled 1 1/4” of impenetrable protection. This is not just padding—it’s a shield against the rigors of any job.

Uncompromised Comfort

Engineered for endurance, these knee pads feature a multi-position Velcro strap and soft Neoprene layers, designed to provide unparalleled comfort for all-day wear. Optimized for performance, they’re also perfectly suited for tasks in shorts, blending protection with flexibility.

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True Flex Neo Pads are used and demanded by True Professionals worldwide working some of the most extreme work environments.


These Professional Soft Finishing Knee Pads are engineered to safeguard not only the wearer but also the surface being worked on, featuring a front wear pad made from an abrasion-resistant durable synthetic leather that protects finishing surfaces.

Optimal Knee Shielding

Employing a dual-layer protection system combining a 3/4″ closed-cell foam core with Neoprene, these knee pads offer a comprehensive thickness of 1 1/4″ for superior knee protection. Our design ensures comfort and safety through prolonged, strenuous work periods.

Designed for Convenience

Enjoy supreme comfort and practicality throughout the day with the adjustable Velcro strap and gentle neoprene fabric. These knee pads are also designed to be worn comfortably with shorts, providing flexibility and convenience for any job or project.

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